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Welcome to the new era of commerce

You know it, we know it, Wall Street knows it.

Legacy financial systems are dying and paving the way for a new wave of virtual currency.

Meet Lantah. Finally, blockchain technology can meet the world of commerce to serve the global community with the world's first Borderless Marketplace! Fraud, friction, and the greedy middle man will no longer run our way of buying and selling goods and services!

Lantah’s Borderless marketplace puts the world of commerce in your hands with quick, convenient inexpensive, and safe transactions. We connect buyers and sellers wherever they are, giving everyone access to world-class sales and distribution systems that were previously out of reach.


With an All-Star veteran team, Lantah is committed and able to provide a rich commerce ecosystem including online storefronts, secure contracts and full supply-chain logistics powered by blockchain.

Our virtual currency token will be the bridge to connect legacy commerce to the new and "here to stay” world of cryptocurrency, powering the financial economic system along the way.

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