Lantah aims to demonetize global trade by building a decentralized marketplace combined with an independent settlement layer, driving costs for users towards zero.

How it works

The Borderless Marketplace is the first blockchain-based global commerce platform, connecting buyers and sellers with instant and inexpensive transactions on real goods and services.

At the foundation of the marketplace is Lantah’s settlement layer which operates on a coin named Gram. In addition to powering the marketplace, it is a standalone currency that also works as a temporary common-ground between other currencies: a universal translator of value.

This combination of services puts Lantah in a unique position to bring blockchain to global commerce and it’s coin Gram to be a universally-accepted currency.

lantah is different

Lantah does not pay any dividends to any shareholders. Because of this, our focus is and always will be entirely on our users. What would be paid as dividends is rather reinvested into the platform or passed as savings to users.

Without the need to pay dividends, Lantah can focus on long-term success without any pressure from near-sighted shareholders.



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