Who is Lantah

Lantah, was founded in 2017 by Daniel Jeffery.
His vision was to revolutionize commerce by introducing the power of blockchain. Daniel recognized that legacy financial systems would soon give way to virtual currencies and dynamic payment systems.

He knew escalating fraud and greed could be addressed with the innate strengths of blockchain, and a much-needed new paradigm for commerce had finally arrived.

Daniel quickly assembled a team of well-known veterans in eCommerce, supply chain management, software development, and marketing who understand experientially what it takes to make a good idea become successful.

Introducing the 

Borderless Marketplace

Lantah is bringing cryptocurrency out of its current view as an investment and into mainstream commerce.


We believe trade should be fast, frictionless, and fraud resistant – with a marketplace where buyers and sellers can effortlessly use their currency of choice to participate, whether traditional fiat or the latest cryptocurrencies.


Lantah's goal is to connect global commerce. Anyone with a smartphone should be able to operate a business from anywhere on the planet, as long as they have internet access. 

lantah is different

We’re commerce 2.0


Lantah will be a full service global borderless marketplace. Our vision is to establish a broad ecosystem, allowing trade to go full circle between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and individuals across many industries and niches.

Lantah will revolutionize the concept of commerce by connecting people in common industries to enable specialized types of commerce. For instance, manufacturers of specialty items will be able to market their goods and to connect with reps and resellers, as well as retail buyers, on the same platform.

People who make their products would be able to interact with both their suppliers and customers without ever leaving the site – once again speeding up commerce.

updated whitepaper coming soon



Lantah will provide a rich ecosystem including online storefronts, secure contracts, and full supply-chain logistics, giving everyone access to world-class distribution systems that were previously out of reach.


Lantah's cryptocurrency allows you to transact across the Lantah network and is designed to function with the high liquidity needed to span the global economy. It can act as a standalone currency or as temporary common-ground, acting as a cost effective and speedy settlement layer between various currencies.

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