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June 19, 2018

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December 27, 2017

The Market Mogul is a global news outlet that aims to transform how readers think about finance, politics and world economy. Articles are supplied by thought leaders across a broad spectrum of industries.

Market Mogul began with a bit of bootstrapping. Rav Singh Sandhu, an intern for Goldman Sachs, would rise out of bed at 4 am in order to code and write for the site. He would then dash out the door to be at his internship by 6 am. Eventually he made the decision to go full time on the media outlet, spending 18 hours a day developing and growing his site.

This energy, and entrepreneurial approach has set the tone for the kind of content read...

December 14, 2017

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of the groundbreaking Ethereum cryptocurrency, stated in a recent BitNewsToday interview that 90% of token startups will fail. Sounds kind of jaded for a 23 year old, and especially cheeky, when you consider that Bitcoin rocketed to a record $18K this past week.

More than a few investors have been vindicated, this week, for having the vision to invest in Bitcoin.

But, before conclusions get jumped to, let’s take a deeper look at what this crypto whizz might be trying to tell investors. To start with, here are two reasons he gave for this observation.

1) Cryptocurrency has not yet made the transition to mainstream...

November 21, 2017

The possibilities of blockchain are growing daily. It seems as-fast-as humans can fathom one new use, another joins the party.

Blockchain was originally designed for Bitcoin to be an incorruptible digital ledger, programmed to record financial transactions. As recently as 2015, The World Bank estimated that in the US alone, people transferred $430 billion.

With blockchain technology, middlemen are being cut out of the picture while security is significantly increased. Finance was one of the first use cases of blockchain technology but that is rapidly changing.

Today there are hundreds of cryptocurrency coins available and just as many uses, w...

November 9, 2017

The IoT meets blockchain

The IoT will integrate into the blockchain, along with the highly beneficial feature of smart contracts, to improve our lives dramatically.

Lantah’s vision is to make these possibilities a reality for you.

Back when I started out in the business world, fragile electronic equipment was shipped in boxes that had an analog device attached to them. It looked much like the bubble tube you find in a leveler.

If the box was exposed to a heavy impact, the tube would be red in color indicating such an impact occurred and that the contents inside may have been compromised. The company purchasing from the manufacturer had the rig...

October 12, 2017

In this article, the focus is on types of wallets and how they work. Everyone is different and so you need to pick a wallet, even wallets that fit with your lifestyle.

You will need to consider how you use a wallet. Some of your currencies might be spent for everyday items and services: shopping, yoga class, and even perhaps paying certain types of bills.

1. Desktop Wallet

This type of wallet is a free download. On the PRO side of the argument, this wallet is secure because it's only accessible on a single device—the computer where you have the download. It is also a cold wallet, so your actual wallet does not connect to the Internet.

On the...

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