Meet the Founder

Daniel H. Jeffery

Meet Daniel Jeffery, age 23.  As founder of cryptocommerce company Lantah, Daniel is part of the new movement of young CEO’s who are innovating and changing the business landscape.

Daniel started learning technology and business early as a self-starter. Mentored by industry-leading professionals and professors, he filed several patents in automotive safety and at the age of 18 was invited to share his work at Ford’s Product Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan. Subsequent ventures include e-liquid manufacturing/retail and coral aquaculture. Now, Daniel has set his sights as a visionary in the up and coming market space of blockchain technologies and is working with a team of seasoned technology veterans to achieve his goals. 

Daniel’s company, Lantah, utilizes blockchain technology to offer the first global, borderless marketplace, removing entrance barriers for those transitioning to the new era of cryptocommerce by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrencies while facilitating the distribution, sale, and fulfillment of goods and services along the way.

As an industry first, Lantah aims to completely disrupt today’s supply chain model by replacing businesses’ need to handle storage of product, inventory management, and order fulfillment at a global level.  This enables the world’s companies, no matter how big or small, to effortlessly serve customers at an unparalleled rate of speed and efficiency, unchaining previous restraints and unleashing new wave of innovation never seen previously.

To summarize, Daniel is an admirable young entrepreneur.  Daniel has always believed in doing things right the first time, never taking shortcuts, and always leaving a positive impact in anything he achieves to do.  Daniel recognizes the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and envisions a commerce platform that utilizes both to the benefit of every user.