Blockchain Supply Chain | Air France KLM Use Case

Last Saturday, the CoinTelegraph reported on the Air France KLM / Blockchain initiative. The global air transport company is considering using the Blockchain to track its maintenance and repair. This will elevate “the airline’s ability to maintain its in-service airplanes in tip-top condition.”

How is this going to work?

James Kornberg, Air France KLM business unit director of innovation, said his team is studying a clear business case for blockchain use to enhance maintenance processes and workflows.

Kornberg cautions airlines to digitize their data before making the leap to the blockchain.

Here's what's better about blockchain...

Blockchain allows you to literally track a screw back to the point when it was aluminum or titanium when it was still metal ore in the ground. You have the ability to trace back through a blockchain to see if what your salesman claims is true.

In an industry dependent on fleet maintenance, being able to trace quality and even schedule repairs is crucial. Having the blockchain is an amazingly helpful resource to do this.

Aircraft Maintenance Workflows

Every part in a jet or helicopter has a part number and a serial number. That part has a life expectancy. Performance quality is based on things like cycle time, which includes:

  • Number of times it is turned off and on

  • How many times that aircraft leaves the ground and for how long

When managing a fleet of aircraft, maintenance teams schedule repair and general checkups based on these cycle times. This isn't just for engine parts either. Coffee pots are even tracked because the pressurized design can lead to explosions after reaching furthest limits of permissible hours in its cycle time.

Conversely, some parts may be repurposed in another plane after the first aircraft is retired.

Blockchain Features

The distributed ledger in Blockchain will allow complete traceability for airplane parts from their point of origin all the way through the life cycle. The added transparency will allow companies to ensure that their fleets are maintained at pristine levels of safety and performance.

Key features that make distributed ledger highly trustworthy are:

  • traceability – each block builds toward the next and is viewable between transacting parties

  • integrity – hacking this level of tracking over millions of computers makes any interference visible

  • disintermediation – third parties are kept out but smart contracts ensure that preliminary conditions are met before transactions complete and monies change hands

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing and disrupting many industries, but for the better. Further uses with the travel industry include ticketing, loyalty points, and passenger security.


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