A Unique Perspective on Cryptocoin Value

We at Lantah spend much time reviewing the cryptocurrency landscape, regulatory environment, and cryptocoin valuations. We read articles explaining supply and demand, and feel the energy around coins and their skyrocketing market values.

That energy has spurred us to share our perspective on coin valuation--by way of analogy.

As kids, we joined our friends collecting baseball cards or hard-to-find toys. Tales of old collections fetching huge prices at auction drove us forward as we tried to understand supply and demand and how to make “investment decisions.”

The lesson we’ve taken from these earlier moments of life is this--sometimes investments pay off, but often they do not.

Lantah leadership has seen its own fair share of baseball cards and rare coins and some of us are still waiting for “the right moment to sell!” Their value now, though, is defined more by these golden memories and fond stories than by actual dollars.

The value of an item depends more on someone else's desire to have it than what it can actually do. We have learned that it matters little what you paid for a car when the time comes to resell it. Value depends wholly on who is interested in owning your particular model and how many are available. Often times, that car is worth more to us than to someone else because of the use it provides.

Those of us who spent time in arcades as children of the 80s understood, in concrete terms, the cost of our favorite games. A token! Those tokens held value. It was not based on another's desire to own it, but rather on its usefulness. A token bought some entertainment! As we aged, arcade tokens became parking passes and backstage passes.

What then, if we owned the token systems back in the arcade days or parking ticket machines today? We provided value to both owner and consumer.

Those who offer a product or service, receive income.

Owners offer a product and receive income.

Consumers know exactly what they are buying and what it is worth.

Like the games at the arcade and the gate at a parking facility, the Lantah token provides clear and fair trade for all involved with little speculation. It is value powered by a token or coin.

We offer this perspective as you consider entering the cryptocurrency markets and owning coin. Not all coins are created equal or share the same type of valuation. There are simply different ways to value them and you, as a savvy investor, must decide how you will choose to value your cryptocurrency.

We are certain, however, that our ultra-rare professional marble set will regain its value eventually! We're sure of it!