Lantah Founder & CEO, Daniel Jeffery, Now Contributing at The Market Mogul

The Market Mogul is a global news outlet that aims to transform how readers think about finance, politics and world economy. Articles are supplied by thought leaders across a broad spectrum of industries.

Market Mogul began with a bit of bootstrapping. Rav Singh Sandhu, an intern for Goldman Sachs, would rise out of bed at 4 am in order to code and write for the site. He would then dash out the door to be at his internship by 6 am. Eventually he made the decision to go full time on the media outlet, spending 18 hours a day developing and growing his site.

This energy, and entrepreneurial approach has set the tone for the kind of content readers can expect to find in The Market Mogul newsroom.

Lantah is proud to have Daniel Jeffery, our founder and CEO, weighing in on trending topics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space within this respected community.

We are at a pivotal moment in the development of these new technologies. In fact, many of the top corporations―most notably IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon―are racing to get into these arenas early.

Blockchain will revolutionize the potential for individual money making. The sweeping implications of this newfound potential means that individuals will make money in a variety of unprecedented ways.

Not surprisingly, the topic of video gaming came up.

Video Gaming and Blockchain

His most recent article uncovers the potential video gamers will have, through the blockchain and “shared bandwidth,” to actually mine currency.

Another topic that has emerged as the banking and financial industries rush to gain market share in blockchain are cryptocurrency debit cards.

Crypto Debit Cards

“A long-standing barrier against cryptocurrency use in the lives of real people has been the difficulty of actually exchanging digital tokens for real goods and services, particularly in regard to face-to-face transactions.”

You can follow the discussion as Daniel weighs in on trending topics by visiting his contributor page. Stay tuned for further insights as he continues to bring Lantah’s vision to the marketplace ideas.

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