How Daniel Jeffery Got the Inspiration for Lantah

When someone close to him trying to quit smoking had a reaction to some vape liquid, Daniel Jeffery decided it was time to start his own vape company---Blue Lab Vapors. He felt strongly that without transparency over where the juice was originating and how it was being formulated, it was just safer to make his own.

The company prospered. Their customer base began to grow, and over the course of time, he and his business partner decided they’d begin accepting cryptocurrency.

The first month after making this decision, they noticed a customer had spent $25 worth of Bitcoin. Pretty soon, they were getting a steady $200 a month. Eventually, whoever was spending Bitcoin, though, stopped and they forgot all about it. Then one day, Daniel’s business partner happened to check their crypto account and found it had risen 10x.

This unexpected windfall had them pretty excited. They realized this added cash might be put to good use. Daniel Jeffery’s colleague had some ideas on how to grow the business and suggested they start a distribution company. Daniel agreed, but distribution wasn’t the only thing the crypto inspired.

Daniel began to take a closer look at different cryptocurrencies, and try as he might, he wasn’t finding places where people could actually spend it.

He was disappointed but not deterred.

He still had the distribution company idea in the back of his mind, and that’s when the idea clicked. Why not start a company that allowed people to make purchases with cryptocurrency?

Instead of cryptocurrency being an investment vehicle, digital currency could actually have real-world use.

Daniel went to the drawing board.

He began to figure out how cryptocurrency could work in daily life... and not just for people in the US. His solution would work for anyone around the globe who had an Internet connection.

Blockchain benefits also rose to the surface. That same crucial transparency that inspired him to start Blue Lab Vapors, would become available through the use of the distributed ledger.

Full transparency to any buyer for any product any time. Decentralized transactions were much safer as long as product quality and accountability could be maintained. Blockchain would help make this vision possible.

Daniel began constructing a business plan.

A platform that provided transparency, decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions, and distribution support would provide the basis for exchanging the growing millions in cryptocurrency.

That is what has led him to assemble a seasoned team of developers and bring the Lantah marketplace forward. To learn more about Lantah, click here.

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