Fred Jeffery | Strategic Advisor [former Workflow Analyst] on Shaping Lantah’s Global Culture

Fred Jeffery, COO Lantau

Over the next number of weeks, Lantah will continue to publish articles allowing readers to take a closer look at our seasoned, innovative, and highly talented group. Proven talent is essential in a startup. You need to know the challenges you face, so that you can innovate.

Fred Jeffery is a collaborator. He intuitively knows how to draw the best from people. It is no easy thing putting together a world-class operations team, and as you will see from our team articles over the next number of weeks, Fred has done just that.

The editorial staff would like to thank Fred for graciously taking time out of his busy schedule to tell us about himself.

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up with a large family in Greensboro, NC. Our house was the house all the neighborhood kids came to. There were always several dogs and lots of friends. We weren’t big into watching sports but were always active in playing them—football, baseball and ice hockey.

2.How have your early days influenced the way you work?

My parents got divorced and the family split up when I was around 15. This pretty much left me on my own. I decided that graduating High School was a priority. This made me realize that if I had anything I wanted to accomplish, I had to see it through.

Self-motivation and dedication was key.

I’ve always felt the need to give where I can. In the past that has meant being a Big Brother, lots of volunteer work, adopting an older child from Russia or rescuing horses in several capacities. I find that very rewarding.

My hobbies include everything horses and farm animals. I relax by learning and practicing the guitar. I also enjoy repairing, building many things and home improvement projects.

What problems have you solved that you're proud of?

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in many capacities in the corporate world. Past positions include Solutions Specialist, Workflow Analyst, manufacturers’ technical specialist, sales technical support and corporate advisory panel.

These experiences have definitely shaped the way I work.

Solving major technical and network problems have been especially rewarding. When you can translate a solution into the flow of a larger environment to save stress, time and money—you know you’re really getting somewhere.

Typically these included workflow analysis and process changes in regional offices for fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies. You need to keep your startup running and growing, but not lose sight of the fact that you’re on a learning curve.

Helping our veterans

I am particularly proud of a project I did with a company that serviced VA hospitals. We were installing multifunctional copiers to alleviate expensive personal printers.

Once I installed and networked the printers, I dug around to find out why these personal printers were being used. That’s how you can measure your success.

It turns out that the agency was about to even more personal printers. The quantities were massive. The purpose was to print out letters and mail them individually to VA regional centers daily. The cost was going to be astronomical over time.

When I addressed this, the VA informed us that batching this was impossible due to having “More security than the Pentagon.” Bottom line, they weren’t going to let us save and process batches.

I presented a proposal and recruited talent.

We ended up using a Novell system as a batch capture. Guess that one slipped by their security. Not only did we batch jobs for single processing daily for a lower cost to the company and to the VA, but we also incorporated things like performance measurements for the company and employees.

Additionally, we developed an online instruction guide and technical resource for their in-house networking staff, to keep it self-sufficient and enjoy a much lower support cost.


The vision for Lantah is huge. Many people will be helped by what we offer. It is an exciting time for all involved.

As we move forward, besides participating in developing an all-star team and the infrastructure behind a global blockchain backed ecommerce platform, I will focus on making it a positive culture.

I would love to make sure everyone in any capacity of service knew how directly their lives will positively impact the overall good.

I think job satisfaction and knowing they are part of accomplishing something good will lead to amazing things as a whole.

I’ve been part of this from day one, and played a major role in recruiting the development team. This is why we have a team that enjoys each other and puts in so much hard work—the desire to see this through.

It is very much in line with Daniel’s vision of the project so that makes it so much easier to accomplish.


A new company's most important strength is new thinking: even more important than nimbleness, small size affords space to think. Zero to One, Peter Thiel

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