Lantah Kicks off preICO for the First Blockchain-based Global Marketplace

Photo credit: Paxson Woelber, Cinders to Sea Expedition

Lantah is officially launching the first blockchain-based global marketplace designed to connect buyers and sellers wherever they are, giving everyone access to world-class sales and distribution systems that were previously out of reach.

As part of the public launch, Lantah is disclosing its pre-ICO details, which will enable savvy investors to take advantage of early pricing on Lantah’s cryptocurrency.

Lantah was founded by Daniel Jeffery, a young entrepreneur who has become a regular contributor at The Market Mogul was recently featured in publications like Business Vision for his insights on cryptocurrency. His vision was to revolutionize commerce by introducing the power of blockchain. Daniel recognized that legacy financial systems would soon give way to virtual currencies and dynamic payment systems and that escalating fraud could be addressed with the innate strengths of blockchain. Daniel quickly assembled a team of well-known veterans in eCommerce, supply chain management, software development, and marketing who understand experientially what it takes to make a good idea become successful.

Lantah aims to provide a rich ecosystem including online storefronts, secure contracts, and full supply-chain logistics, giving everyone access to world-class distribution systems that were previously out of reach. Lantah's token is designed to function with the high liquidity needed to span the global economy, it can be a standalone currency or a temporary common-ground, acting as a cost effective and speedy settlement layer between various currencies.

Lantah pre-ICO Kicked Off

Lantah’s presale has begun. The presale of 50 million tokens will be available at the minimum possible ICO price of $0.0857142856 each. The presale will be followed by the ICO, which will make 350 million tokens available with a minimum funding of $30 million and no limit. Any ICO funding above $30 million will result in an ICO price above the amount paid by presale investors.

For more information about Lantah and this exclusive early investment opportunity, please visit or email

Photo credit: Paxson Woelber, Cinders to Sea Expedition

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