Lantah’s Blockchain | Unparalleled Vision

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Lantah is a fresh-start global ecommerce marketplace. One of our primary goals is to fully engage blockchain technology in as many aspects of the marketplace as possible. From accounts to transactions, from smart contracts to vendors and logistics—building from the ground up offers many advantages.

Utilizing blockchain technology enables Lantah to record a globally traceable and shared record for every transaction associated with an asset.

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This allows Lantah to share an indisputable pathway of trust for goods and services. Each blockchain entry is recorded in the order in which it occurs, encrypting before moving to the next stage.

Depending upon the vendor or manufacturer of goods, this traceability may stretch from end-to-end:

  • parts

  • materials

  • supplies

  • making products

Indisputable tracking will flow all the way through delivery to the retail outlet or even the consumers themselves.

The Lantah Blockchain implementation will have the inherent ability to generate breakthroughs in various areas including openness, validation and best-case uses of all resources.

Our goals are to facilitate and automate each transaction as much as possible, enabling a more transparent relationship between each participant.


Visibility of location of assets would be almost instant. This would provide a precedent previously not seen and alleviate expensive problems.

It is estimated that currently moving an asset internationally would require a change of hands upwards of 20 or more times while incurring a massive amount of paperwork laden with errors.

Lantah’s impact will be to reduce the number of handoffs and the amount of paperwork required.

Brand Consistency

Accountability within verified and trackable steps through blockchain technology will fend off most, if not all, counterfeit goods.

Tracking of authenticity is also another consideration of effective blockchain deployment. Indisputable and verified provenance of product origins will make for assured consumer confidence and trust.

Authenticity through blockchain processes will also provide for an assured age of goods and quality of products when incorporated with such technologies as RFID and IoT.

Rewarding Transparency

Lantah is taking a forward-looking stance to incentivize producers to incorporate these technologies when applicable. Best case predictions of location and condition of goods can make available a transparency standard not met in commerce to date.

Bringing about a fresh supply chain will also make for an unprecedented optimization of the current supply chain model resulting in never-before seen possibilities. Clearer knowledge of a shipment’s state and conditional requirements make for better judgment in rerouting, warehousing and load staging.

This type of efficiency will not only benefit the producer or seller of goods but the consumer, as well, in cost and quality of goods on a global scale. The full potential has not been established prior in the eCommerce space.

Lantah is geared to incentivize each party involved, making it a global partnership for each step involved from producers to logistical support to consumers.

Developing a fresh, ground up blockchain would allow it to be used to trace goods and the transfer of ownershipfrom origin to consumer, moving from the manufacturer or producer through all types of transport and logistics and then to wholesaler or retailer.

Full Deployment of Blockchain

A blockchain is only as good as the data provided to it. That is exactly why a company such as Lantah is needed to make the vast benefits of a blockchain backed supply chain a reality.

The benefit then becomes a benefit to all involved.

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